Incredible India Moments with Team Environ

The Awe-Inspiring beauty of The Western Ghats:

Western Ghats, a UNESCO world heritage site, is one of the most beautiful and biodiversity rich region of India, and is recognized as one of the world’s Eight Hottest Hotspots. One should definitely visit this place once in their lifetime.

Team Environ India visited Devrukh, a tehsil in Ratnagiri district, which is surrounded by the Western Ghats, a trip to be cherished forever.

The visit was supposed to be work (we went there for surveys), but it turned out to be a fun filled experience, meeting new people, making new friends, enjoying nature and also learning some lessons of life. Starting from the bike rides through the green mountains to bathing in a dam and swimming in a pond, and that too when it was raining, were the most beautiful memories that we brought back home. Few things that we would never forget: the caring and sweet people, the chai in every house we went to survey, kokum sherbet, “kanda aani nimbu”, the Great Indian Hornbill, the frogs in our house (oh yes! There were 3 of them), living among nature, bird watching, the mountains, the roads, the trees, the dam and the lakes (the best thing that happened there) and what not.

Things one should definitely do here:

  •      Drink kokam sherbet 

Red coloured mouth watering refreshing drink that cools the body and also improves digestion.  The best welcoming drink in Western Ghats!!! Buy some to bring back home.

  •     Have Bhakri

Substitute to the “atta roti”, the staple food of the place. And also have lots of “pav bhaaji”.

  • Bike ride

One should definitely enjoy bike ride in the mountains. The roads, the views and the weather are something not to be missed. Visit the lesser known places like Vashi dam.

  • Bird watch

You can find different types of birds, like the Great Indian Hornbill.

  • Wander

Like Marleshwar Shiva Temple, Dondavane Tivare Waterfall and many more beautiful places. You can also visit Ratnagiri and the beautiful beaches there.

  •  Trek

Wake up early and go for a trek and enjoy the beauty of the place.

  • Meet people there 

The most amazing, caring, honest, upstanding people you will find in Konkan region. Once you meet them, you will never forget them in your lifetime.

Photographs – Team Environ


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