Fascinating Researches #3

Source- http://www.designboom.com/technology/the-drinkable-book-cleans-purifies-water-with-advanced-filtering-paper-05-06-2014/

They say a book is a man’s best friend, but who would have thought that Dr. Theresa Dankovich a researcher at Carnegie Mellon would take a stride to redefine all we thought a book could do.

Astonishingly enough Dr. Theresa during her PhD at McGill University developed a paper with high antimicrobial activity. She engineered this sturdy sheet of paper, which is embedded with silver nanoparticles and put together as “THE DRINKABLE BOOK”. The pages of the drinkable book having silver nanoparticles coating are fatal for 99.9% of bacteria, such as cholera, E. coli and typhoid that contaminates the water, thus rendering the water free of harmful pathogens and fit to drink.

This book meets the US EPA guidelines for bacteria removal to produce safe drinking water and the process of purification in itself is an easy task. One can tear the filter pages in the book and put it in the filter box that happens to encase the book, pour the water and what filters out is water free of microbes, healthy and safe to drink. Each filter can provide 30 days of clean water and the book assures freedom from water related diseases like typhoid, cholera, etc. for a period of 4 years.

The drinkable book provides a great promise for the world which faces the problem of a whooping death rate of 3.4 million deaths each year from waterborne diseases. Additionally this book acts like a manual for educating people about water safety and healthy drinking habits and threats that may surround them in terms of water they drink. Hence for the purpose of educating people and providing a low cost filter Dr. Theresa has teamed up with a non-profit organization called Water Is Life, along with an agency called DDB NY to make this discovery of hers available to the real world with the hope of bringing about a change with this book which will truly be a man’s best friend.

Source- http://www.campaignbrief.com/2014/05/the-drinkable-book-revolutiona.html



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