E-Waste Collection Drive (March 2015)

Nowadays, everyone is tech-savvy. With the launch of a new electronic product which is very frequent nowadays, we rush to the nearest stores to get one or just sit at home in front of another electronic product to book one. Our lives revolve around all sorts of electronic products. We wake up in the morning, first thing we do is, grab the phone, to check the time even if there is a clock hanging right in front of us. Reading newspaper has become old fashioned, as there are apps available which serves the purpose. We have now entered the world where there are 4 television sets in one house, 2 phones for every single person. In addition to this there are so many other electronic items we use daily like music players, tablets, laptops and PCs and many many more. But do we know, what is the price we pay for such “development”?

In India, tonnes of electronics are disposed off every day and tonnes are shipped from the West to be used and disposed off leading to heaps of electronics in the landfills, exposing the people and the environment to harmful chemicals. 70% of the parts of such electronic wastes (e-wastes) are recyclable. However, these are given in the hands of poor labours, who don’t have any technological knowhow about the art of dismantling and handling the wastes. This becomes harmful for those labours and people around.

Lack of proper disposal and recycling, along with the overgrowing production of new electronic products ultimately resulting in e-waste has led to a serious concern for the environment as well as the people working in this sector.

Chintan Environment and Research and Action Group, an NGO based in New Delhi, is a sole collector of e-waste in the social sector authorized by DPCC (Delhi Pollution Control Committee). The organization works on recycling of the e-wastes and safe disposal of non-functional e-wastes. Also they help the people in this sector in various manners.

We, volunteered for them to organize a successful week long e-waste collection drive at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka, New Delhi. Thank you everyone who contributed and supported us.

Some glimpses of the collection drive:


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